Garchomp Card

Garchomp, the boss of Dragonstorm.


Garchomp (Black & White—Dragons Exalted 90/124) x2

Gabite (Black & White—Dragons Exalted 88/124) x3

Gible (Black & White—Dragons Exalted 87/124) x4

Haxorus (Black & White—Plasma Blast 69/101) x1

Fraxure (Black & White—Plasma Blast 68/101) x2

Axew (Black & White—Plasma Blast 67/101) x3

Salamence (Dragon Vault 8/20) x1

Shelgon (Dragon Vault 7/20) x2

Bagon (Dragon Vault 6/20) x3

Feraligatr Prime (HeartGold & SoulSilver 108/123) x1

Croconaw (Call of Legends 41/95) x2

Totodile (Call of Legends 74/95) x3

Cilan (Black & White—Next Destinies 86/99) x2

Super Rod (BW-Noble Victories 95/101) x2

Gold Potion (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 140/149) x1

Superior Energy Retrieval (Black & White—Plasma Freeze 103/116) x2

Pokémon Communication (Black & White 99/114) x2

Rare Candy (Black & White—Dark Explorers 100/108) x1

Potion (Black & White-Boundaries Crossed 132/149) x3

Giant Cape (Black & White—Dragons Exalted 114/124) x2

Blend Energy (Black & White—Dragons Exalted 118/124) x2

Water Energy x6

Metal Energy x3

Fire Energy x4

Fighting Energy x3


This deck focuses on Dragon-Type Pokémon and one Water evolution. All Pokémon in this deck has powerful attacks that can destroy manny opponents easy. You can see that this deck has four Stage2 evolutions. Use Rare Candy to use fast the final evolution of the Pokémon.